The best Cao Bang itinerary for first timers !


The first time in Vietnam and of course Cao bang too ? It must be challenging to know which is the best itinerary to fully explore this charming place. To help you get started, I’ve listed my top picks for various Cao Bang itinerary that may suit your time. Lets have a look to know more which is most preferable.

1. Cao Bang top attractions:

  • Ban gioc waterfall
  • Nguom Ngao cave
  • Phat Tich Ban gioc pagoda
  • Ngoc Con- Phong Nam valley
  • Phia Thap incense village
  • Pac rang blacksmith village
  • Thang Hen lake
  • Nui Thung valley-Nam tra waterfall
  • Pac Po historical site
  • Phia Oac Phia Den national park

Besdies , there is also various attractions I havent mentioned above. If you have more than 4 days in Cao Bang Vietnam, those places would be good destinations to explore.

Me Pia pass- a very dangerous route
Me Pia pass- a very dangerous route
  • Me Pia pass
  • Tran Hung Dao forest historical site
  • Kim Dong historical site
  • Nguom Puc cave
  • Ma Phuc pass
  • Khau Lieu pass
  • Borders landmark between Vietnam and China
  • Tribal market in Cao Bang

2. Cao Bang 4 days itinerary

Cao Bang 4 days itinerary
Cao Bang 4 days itinerary

Day 1: Cao Bang city- Ban gioc waterfall- Phat Tich pagoda- Nguom Ngao cave- Phong Nam valley- Ngoc Con valley.

Morning: On the day arriving to Cao Bang, take a bus or rent a motorbike to Ban gioc waterfall. The distance is 80km and it takes around 2 hours to reach there. After that, heading to Phat Tich Ban gioc pagoda and Nguom Ngao cave which are only 3 km from the waterfall.

Lunch : you can have lunch in some restaurant near Ban gioc fall and then heading to Trung Khanh district center (19km). For me, booking a hotel in Trung Khanh is a better choice than in Ban Gioc waterfall. It makes your route shorter when you need to come back Cao Bang city.

Afternoon: Visit Phong Nam and Ngoc Con valley which is 10-15km from Trung Khanh district.

Day 2: Pac Rang Phuc Sen village- Phia Thap village- Thang Hen lake- Nam Tra waterfall- Nui Thung valley.

Morning: from Trung Khanh district, come to Phuc Sen and Phia Thap village (35km).

Lunch: having lunch in those ethnic village.

Afternoon: Visit Thang Hen lake , Nam Tra waterfall and Nui Thung valley.

Staying in Thang Hen eco resort or come back to Cao Bang city is both good. However Thang Hen resort is still not developed so much and there is lack of many tourism service. If you want to stay in a remote area with just nature. Thang Hen eco resort is a good option, or else come back to Cao Bang city to enjoy night life there.

Day 3: Pac Bo historical site

Having a breakfast in Cao Bang city and then heading to Pac Bo historical site. The distance is 80km and it takes 2 hours to reach there. Spend whole day to explore various attractions in Pac Bo such as Coc po cave, lenin stream, Cac Mac mountain, 108 border landmark, Ly Quoc Sung’s house…

In the afternoon, come back to Cao bang city and stay there.

Day 4: Phia Oac- Phia Den national park

Spending whole day to explore Phia Oac – Phia den national park and come back Cao bang city (67km ) to take the bus to Ha noi.

3. Cao Bang 2-3 days itinerary

Despite of the fact that Ban gioc is the most well known attraction in Cao Bang, I wouldn’t recommend any itinerary less than 2 days and just come here for the waterfall. You’ll find yourself rushing from place to place and almost the time is for movement. If you have just two days, skip day 3&4 itinerary above. If you stay there 3 days, the third day itinerary depends on your interest – a historical site or a national park.

4. Cao bang itinerary combining with other province

4.1 Hanoi- Ba Be- Trung Khanh- Ban gioc- Hanoi

Cao bang itinerary with Ba Be lake
Cao bang itinerary with Ba Be lake

Day 1: Ba Be lake and sleep near there.

Day 2: head to Pac Bo and in the afternoon, come to Trung Khanh district to stay overnight.

Day 3: Explore 2 valleys in Trung Khanh- Phong Nam and Ngoc Con

Day 4: Ban gioc waterfall- Phat tich ban gioc pagoda- Nguom Ngoa cave and coming back to Cao Bang city to take the night bus to Ha Noi.

Hanoi- Mau son mount (Lang son)- Ban gioc- Trung Khanh- Ba be- Ha noi

Cao bang itinerary 2
Cao bang itinerary 2

Day 1: spend one day in Mau Son mount and some other attractions in Lang Son province

Day 2: Visit Phong Nam and Ngoc Con valley in Trung Khanh district

Day 3: Ban gioc waterfall- Phat Tich Ban gioc pagoda- Nguom Ngao cave

Day 4: Ba Be lake

Day 5: Ha Noi

Hanoi- Sapa- Ha giang- Pia Oac national park- Cao Bang- Ban gioc- Ba Be lake- Ha noi

Cao Bang itinerary 3
Cao Bang itinerary 3

This is the most popular Vietnam northernmost itinerary which includes various famous attractions like Sapa, Ha Giang. The first destination in this route would be Sapa. You can stay here for 2-4 days and then head to Ha Giang. This place should not be missed for any reason and i am sure that you will love it from the first sight. There is no way to go from Sapa to Cao Bang without visiting Ha giang or else you have to come back Ha noi and come to Cao Bang again. So it would be best if you follow this route.

Day 1-3: detailed Sapa itinerary

Day 4-7: Ha giang itinerary

Day 8-11: Pia Oac- Cao BangBan gioc waterfall

Day 12: Ba be lake

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