What and where to eat in Ha giang ?


What to eat in Ha giang ? which kind of food that you should not miss in Ha giang ? This article will help you find out those things based on my local experience.

Ha Giang is currently well- known for its spectacular scenery including majestic mountains, wonderful pine forests, terraced rice fields, beautiful valleys and the cultural diversity of its ethnic minority communities.

With such a multi-cultural makeup, it is not surprising that Ha Giang’s cuisine is also very diverse and unique comparing to other regions. Lets check Ha giang’s speciality list below to know more about their cuisine and do not forget to try them when you are there.

1. Steamed Rice Rolls with egg

Steamed rice rolls with egg is very unique and different with other specialties in Ha Giang. Tourists often choose this dish for their breakfast when traveling to Ha Giang. Bánh cuốn are made from rice flour , poured out on a flat plate and steamed then rolled up and stuffed with filling. It is often eaten with a cup of hot bone broth which make you feel warmer in the cold weather of this rocky plateau. This dish is truly suitable for your breakfast if you still dont know what to eat in Ha giang ?

Egg rolled sheet

where to eat Egg rice roll in Ha giang:

  1. Ba Lan’s restaurant

Address: 116A Ly Tu Trong, Ha Giang City

  1. Ba Tu Lan’s restaurant

Address: 125 Dong Văn town, Ha giang

2. Multicoloured sticky rice

The community of ethnic minorities in the North possesses an extremely diverse and unique culinary culture. Multicoloured sticky rice is made up of five kinds of sticky rice with five different colours. It is red, yellow, blue, purple and white. In particular, the five colours of sticky rice is the symbol of the traditional values, the philosophy of yin and yang and the meaning of beautiful human life.

multicoloured sticky rice

Materials for making five-coloured sticky rice include: glutinous rice and natural colours from different sources such as red colour from baby jackfruit, green colour from ginger leaves together with grapefruit peel and a little lime. Yellow colour is from old turmeric roots and purple colour is from black rice leaves.

Where to eat in Ha giang: You can easily find multicoloured sticky rice in any market of Ha Giang like Dong Van, Meo Vac…

3. Au Tau porridge- what to eat in Ha giang at night ?

There are many unique dishes that visitors can not find anywhere except in Ha giang and Au tau is one of this. Au tau porridge is a famous specialty that if you go to Ha Giang without trying this, then you will be considered as not having visited there.

The Au tau porridge is cooked from pork leg, stir-fried minced pork, and the au tau root. The au tau tree grows mostly in the 2427m high Tay Con Linh, the highest peak in the province. The au tau tree has poison inside so that local has to be very careful in processing it and only they know how to eliminate the poison in the root.

Au Tau porridge
Au Tau porridge

The bowl of au tau porridge looks very attractive because of a harmonious combination of rice, minced meat, bone broth, herbs …In the cold climate of a high mountainous area like Ha Giang, nothing can soothe you better than bowl of hot au tau porridge. ” Cháo ấu tẩu” will be your best option for the question what to eat in Ha giang in cold nights.

Where to eat Au tau porridge: You can easily find a food vendor with sign selling “Cháo Ấu Tẩu”. The food is mostly served at night with a reasonable price. However the best one to sell Au tau porridge is ” cháo ấu tẩu Hương”.

Place: Cháo Ấu Tẩu Hương

Address: Tổ 5 Trần Hưng Đạo, P. Nguyễn Trãi, Hà Giang, Vietnam

4. Thang den- what to eat in Ha giang as a snack ?

Thang den in ha giang
Thang den

Thang Den is a popular dish made of glutinous rice flour in Ha Giang. It looks like Banh troi in Hanoi but with smaller size. Flour will be kneaded into sphere shapes and boiled in a hot pot of water. The soup is made by a sweet mixture of sugar, coconut milk and hot ginger. Sesame or peanuts can also be added as toppings.

where to eat in Ha giang: In any Ha giang’s market or food vendor.

5. Bac me lam rice

Ha Giang is famous for a variety of terrace rice fields . Therefore their rice is also very special and delicious in a unique way.  One of the best dishes here is bamboo-tube rice dishes, which makes up the unique brand of Ha Giang. Nevertheless bamboo-tube rice from Bac me is the best one that almost every tourist want to eat it more even they are full.

Lam rice bac me
Lam rice

Lam rice processing technique is very simple. Raw materials are clean glutinous rice with a little salt. Those ingredients will be mixed well and put into bamboo tubes with little water. The mouth of the tube is wrapped with dried banana leaves and baked over a fire . About an hour or more when there is a fragrant smell of glutinous rice , it is a sign that the rice is ripe.

6. Buckwheat cake

At the end of the buckwheat flower season, local people will harvest the seeds and make buckwheat cake from them. The seed is very small, only half size of the black bean.

To make such a delicious cake, people have to go through many stages. First, the buckwheat seeds must be dried enough and brought to grind into flour by hand. After kneading dough in water and make them into round shapes, they will be steamed and baked on charcoal stove for hot and aromatic flavour.

Place: Tourists can find this speciality easily in any market in Ha giang.

buckwheat cake
Buckwheat cake

7. Sour pho

Sour pho in ha giang
Sour pho

Sour Pho is one of the most famous dishes for tourists in Ha giang. Sour noodles is origined from China in the past and nowadays this dish is often eaten as a breakfast .

The most important ingredient of this dish is fresh noodles, sweet and sour broth . Broth is made from a very sour vinegar mixed with sugar, tapioca flour and a little spice – all ingredients are boiled and stir well.

Other important things in this dish are slices of fried pork, roasted sausage , roasted duck with fried garlic, papaya, carrot, cucumber and peanut as toppings.

Place: Sour noodle restaurant in Ngo Quyen, Ha giang.

8. What and where to eat in Ha giang ? Review list of delicious restaurants in Ha giang:

  • Ngoi Do restaurant ( Ngói Đỏ )

Adress: Group I- Nguyễn Trãi Ward -Hà Giang City

  • Son Thuy restaurant (Sơn Thúy)

Address: group 1, Quang Trung ward, Ha giang city.

  • Com Dan toc restaurant- (Nhà hàng Cơm Dân Tộc)

Address: 18 Nguyen Van Linh street– food town Ha giang.

  • Mrs. Tu Lan’s restaurant

Address : 125 – Group 3 – Dong Van Town (Dong Van Old town). This is considered as of the most delicious restaurants in Dong Van. The food court is just on the left opposite to Dong Van antique market.

  • Tien Nhi’s restaurant :

This place is located opposite to the entrance of Dong van Ancient Town. The menu of the restaurant has various Ha giang’s specialities such as dried pork, char siu meat, sturgeon, buffalo meat.Tien Nhi restaurant is the most crowded, because the food is quite delicious . However, the price is quite high and the owner is not so enthusiastic with visitors.

  • Moc Mien porridge ‘s restaurant

Address: Number 140 – Group 2 – Dong Van town – Ha Giang province. This place is specialised in Au tau porridge.

  • Mrs. Ha’s spring rolls restaurant :

– Address: Number 31 – Dong van Old town . This place serves hot spring rolls, sticky rice and other local specialties such as ribs, sausages, bacon, dried beef, honey …

  • Ma Gia Quan:

Address: Cho Moi – Dong Van town.
Menu: fried Goat, hotpot dishes. Chicken hotpot, rice dishes, vegetables …

Hope that with the list of delicious restaurants above will help you easily make your choices in finding what and where to eat in Ha giang during you Ha giang loop trip.

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