• Ha Giang,  Viet Nam

    A detailed Ha giang Vietnam travel guide by a Vietnamese !

    Ha Giang Vietnam is a place that people easily get attracted by its wonderful wild beauty. Ha Giang is not only famous by winding roads, steep hills but also with colourful flowers and interesting traditional culture. It is indeed ideal for outdoor activities such as trekking and camping. Lets come to Ha Giang to get the most interesting experiences about this upland area. Hope that my Ha Giang travel guide can help you fully discover this wonderful highland. 1. Some interesting facts about Ha giang Vietnam : Ha giang Vietnam shares a long border with the south of China. This province has Lung Cu flagpole- the northernmost point of Vietnam. It has…

  • what and where to eat in ha giang
    Ha Giang,  Viet Nam

    What and where to eat in Ha giang ?

    What to eat in Ha giang ? which kind of food that you should not miss in Ha giang ? This article will help you find out those things based on my local experience. Ha Giang is currently well- known for its spectacular scenery including majestic mountains, wonderful pine forests, terraced rice fields, beautiful valleys and the cultural diversity of its ethnic minority communities. With such a multi-cultural makeup, it is not surprising that Ha Giang’s cuisine is also very diverse and unique comparing to other regions. Lets check Ha giang’s speciality list below to know more about their cuisine and do not forget to try them when you are…

  • tham ma slope ha giang
    Ha Giang,  Viet Nam

    Ha giang motorbike loop 3 & 2 days itinerary by a local !

    Ha giang motorbike loop itinerary is one of the most popular and amazing things that Vietnamese often take for their holiday. Lets have a look to know more which Ha giang loop itinerary is most preferable by a local ! 1. Ha giang motorbike loop 3 days itinerary Hanoi – Ha Giang 3 days 4 nights General information: This is a popular schedule that many Vietnamese use for the first time exploring Ha Giang. This Ha giang loop motorbike 3 days itinerary is not too long but it is enough for you to discover the wonderful natural beauty and diversified traditional culture there. Night 1: Hanoi – Ha Giang Take…

  • what to buy in Ha giang
    Ha Giang,  Viet Nam

    What to buy in Ha Giang ?- market’s meeting schedule !

    If you are still wondering what to buy in Ha giang or which is Ha Giang specialties that you should not miss when traveling there ? Dont worry, the following list below will help you find out as a local’s viewpoint: 1. Buffalo meat hanging up the kitchen This dish is made from fresh buffalo meat and a product of the black Thai people.  After slaughter, people marinate it with various spices and then  hang up the kitchen to dry. Smoke from kitchen gradually will make them ripe without cooking. Thats why buffalo hanging up the kitchen tastes special but not uncomfortable due to smelly smoke. Actually I am not…

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